2016 DEMONS 👻

Dose Of Madness

All around me, people are talking about their new year resolutions and not once have I heard, “sitavaa wig”, “oooh sitajipaka make up”, “…..ooooh natural 2017”.

Now, now I hold no ill feelings for y’all who indulge …….sister you can beat that face till thy kingdom comes, by all means shove that wig up your head, go Picasso on those eyebrows ….. Is it not your money at work?

But the question is….to what end?

It’s all fun and games until a young man out there takes you home and has the fright of his life when he sees the real you in the morning. Niggas out there suffering from PTSD thinking they slept with spiritual entities.

These cash madams are the same breed insisting you “do it” in the dark……kataa hiyo (luke 8:17, all that is done in secret shall be brought to light) the bible, not me😂.


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