Dear Teacher, I need you or I am going back to the streets.

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To most, school is just but an annoying nuisance in the morning, where one is forced to leave the comfort of the bed to the chilly weather awaiting outside. If you are student in a private institution then you are lucky as you can warm up in the school bus, but if you are from a public institution, then you have to walk or run to school depending on how many times you snoozed your alarm or if you received a spanking for your stubbornness to wake up in the morning.

For Clinton however, school is a need, a rehabilitation center, a safe haven which sometimes he doesn’t even know he needs. I met Clinton severally at Kapsoya shopping center and many times you would be met with a hoarse voice of a young, unkempt adolescent boy saying “nisaidie tano” translation for “Can I kindly have five shillings” sometimes when…

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